All the tech giants have their proprietary platforms for advertising, often highly sophisticated with KPI-rich dashboards that provide insights into how your campaigns are performing. Whether its Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple, or independent platforms like AdRoll or AdForm, these networks all have the same basic sell:

  • Easy yet sophisticated campaign generation
  • Trackable marketing performance
  • Potentially huge market penetration
  • Low eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions)

It’s an intoxicating offer, provided the platform can deliver for its not inconsiderable fees. If you’re a small to medium sized business, you may not have the marketing budget to splash out. …

The fact that you are reading this article on optimizing Core Web Vitals shows you’re staying up to date on SEO trends and what Google (the #1 search engine) is up to. Good job and welcome!

You know that, apart from exceptional content, backlinks, internal links, a mobile-friendly theme, an aged domain, and other regularly discussed SEO elements, there’s something called “Core Web Vitals.”

Core Web Vitals can potentially shatter your rankings if you don’t focus on it. On the other hand, if you optimize Core Web Vitals early on, you can stay ahead of your competitors. …

As someone who has a long history in building websites by using plain HTML but also Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, CMSMS (well, you name it), let me tell you why Webflow is nowadays my go-to platform.

A website is vital for every business but it’s even more important for your early-stage startup. Having a polished website that’s easy to navigate is a representation of your brand. It’s the main way to build trust with your followers and earn new customers, especially as a newer business.

With that being said, you’ve likely already been researching which platforms to use to build your…

Things we’ve achieved at portfolio by doing some founder personal branding:

👉 Inbound leads that converted into clients (the most obvious one)
👉 Inbound C-level key recruits
👉 Inbound next round investors

Taking a startup from an idea to a profitable company and potentially to a lucrative exit is busy work. As a founder you would be forgiven to think that developing a personal brand is not one of your priorities. Forgivable as the thought is, it is also wrong.

Having a strong personal brand as a founder can make the difference between your startup being a success or…

Test iteration for growth hacking is an excellent way to measure product and business process success. Here are six helpful examples of test iteration in action.

Companies in virtually all industries can use test iteration to improve various aspects of their business, especially product development. By taking a slow and steady approach that involves many small changes that are tested and analyzed over time, startups can measure the effectiveness and success of their products with more precision and control.

In the context of early-stage SaaS startups, test iteration can be used for a variety of use cases. It can be…

A simple definition is that growth hacking is an all-embracing term for data iterative strategies focused solely on growth. Businesses use it when they need massive growth in a short time and on tight budgets. This is why it’s been so popular with early stage start-ups with low marketing budgets. In other words, these strategies are aimed at getting as much growth as possible while spending as little as possible.

With this in mind, let’s look at how it works. Growth hackers often focus on creative, low-cost strategies to help businesses to get customers and make sales. These strategies usually…

Product/market fit is an important part of any sales funnel. Think of it as the moment when your customers essentially become your marketers or salesmen. Essentially, product/market fit is when your existing customers determine your product’s true value, so much so that they share their satisfactory experiences with your product with others. From there, your brand identifies what went right, so that those actions can be repeated for new customers.

Determining product/market fit can seem like a complex and difficult task. So much goes into determining if that fit is or is not there, and the testing for it can…

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Is your growth team not as engaged as you’d like them to be? If so, changing the way you approach goal-setting might help.

One of the most effective strategies for goal-setting is the OKR (short for objectives and key results) framework. Read on to learn more about the basics of OKRs and how you can use them to help your growth team deliver.

What Are OKRs?

The OKR framework was developed by former Intel president Andy Grove and early Google investor and venture capitalist John Doerr. …

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Companies say that the concept of “growth hacking” is a novel one — especially in the era of online marketing.

Though the techniques and channels that you can use to hack a business’s growth have indeed multiplied, the discipline has not. It’s still about using a variety of means to achieve an increase in the metrics.

And if there’s one thing growth-driven companies have learned, it’s that growth hacking will give back to you exactly the effort you put in. No more, no less.

Just ask Buzzfeed, the viral website that began as a side-hustle by one of the co-founders…

Before discussing the Chief Growth Officer and how it’s the new Chief Marketing Officer, having a firm grasp on the latter executive position is integral.

Understanding the full scope of the CMO position is the only way to prove how the CGO contributes to its antiquation in the workplace.

So, without further adieu, let’s discuss precisely what the CMO incorporates. From there, we’ll delve into the nuances of the CGO and why your startup founding team should prioritize this role instead.

What is a CMO?

A CMO is primarily responsible for creating, communicating, and producing offerings to benefit customers, clients, and shareholders. …

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A startup growth hacking since 1998 writing about hockey sticks.

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