Why Can’t CEOs Lead the Growth?

CEOs are Simply Too Busy

  • 25% on relationships and people
  • 25% on business and functional unit reviews
  • 16% on culture and organization
  • 21 % on strategy
  • 3% on professional development
  • 1% on crisis management
  • 4% on operating plants
  • 4% on mergers and acquisitions

They Might Not Have the Required Skills

It’s a New Role

CEOs May Have a Bias

Is the CEO Useless Then?

How to Get Started

  • Study your business and elevate your current position. Do not hire unless you fully understand your customers. Also, wait until you have fully developed your MVP.
  • Know what you wish to achieve and brainstorm key roles. You will need growth managers, growth marketers, growth engineers, etc.
  • Search for available growth experts and hire someone who fits your requirements. You will have to work on your team structure to ensure the team works well.



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